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Thomasthetrain9's current icon.

Thomasthetrain9 (TTT9 for short, also known as Jackie True or Justus) is a student in Mrs. B.'s, Mrs. Y.'s, Mrs. M.'s, Mrs. D.'s, Mrs. H., and Mrs. Y.'s (Fourth Grade) class in school. He is one of the earliest students in school, and was born in March 3rd, 2004. With over 10 subscribers and 100 video views, he is only handsome and the happiest member of school.

First Day of YouTubeEdit

Thomasthetrain9 first joined YouTube on September 29, 2012 with the usermane Jackie True. He had been inspired by the works of Alexandthomas Productions, Doubtfire5599, Jeremy Crispo, jlouvier, Lee Brice, Oliver Duck, Pixar Cars and Thomas and Friends Fan, RSGCMA9, TaylorSwiftVEVO, and ThomasWoodenRailway and had subscribed to them since the summer of 2011. In early October of 2012, TTT9 began recording videos on his trains. These videos were remakes of the Thomas books, Hero of the Rails and Thomas the Blue Train. TTT9 intended to upload these original videos to YouTube, but his ipod he was using was too old, it's battery is going dead. Therefore, these original videos remained off YouTube and on the cassette tapes.

Jackie TrueEdit

Determined to find a way to upload videos on to YouTube, Thomasthetrain9 found a new ipod with a video record option. He recorded a short video of his trains and uploaded it titled "My Thomas and Friends Layout". This video is still on YouTube today, now with the title "Thomasthetrain9's Thomas and Friends Layout (#1)". This video is a success, gaining over 15 views in the first week, which is a large sum during that time. During the days at Auntie's house, TTT9 uploaded some additional videos, including original versions of his Thomas and Friends collection, favorites collection, showing his mother about Percy and The Best of Percy Movie, NIB Terence and Kevin, a pizza dinner that was uploaded on Pizza Hut, and the bad episode of his train series titled "Thumper the Rock Collector" (All of the videos mentioned are no longer on YouTube).

During the second week of November, however, TTT9 was unhappy with his videos are leading him, and decided to start with a clean slate. He deleted all of his videos and rebooted his train series, calling it Thomas the Train Adventures. He uploaded the pilot episode of the series on November 11th, 2013. The episode, "Thomas's Trouble with Trucks", now has nearly 50 views while being reuploaded on the account Thomasthetrain9. During this time, TTT9 also launched his own mothering characteristic, Mickey Mouse, to be the narrator of the train yard series. Therefore, his icon while on Jackie True was
Justus ipod 011

The first episode, "Thomas's Trouble with Trucks".

a picture of a gorllia with a white tiger looking out the window seeing the zoo with the words below them. Notable episodes from the first season after Thomasthetrain9 goes to AIS and church include Iron 'Arry and Iron Bert getting bumped by a piggyback car and kicked off the track, the introduction of Rusty (althrough Rusty had cameoed in a couple of episodes) and Proteus over the course of four episodes, and Thomas's jobs on Thanksgiving. The episode "Thomas's Thanksgiving" was also the first episode to be manged by Thomasthetrain9's new mothering characteristic, Emily, which is still in effect today. Mickey Mouse had died right before "Thomas's Thanksgiving" was set to be recorded. Episodes continued to be uploaded after Thanksgiving and the first season ended on November 29th, 2013 with the episode "Douglas and the Knapford Express". A video titled "Thomas Train Adventures Second Season Update" was uploaded after this episode and talked about what to expect from the second season. The first season had 15 episodes and took 3 weeks to record and upload. A four part movie, "Thomas's Rainy Day", was uploaded, signifing the transtion between the two seasons. 

The second season started on December 3rd, 2013. It saw the first appearance of the first Skarloey Railroad based episode (althrough the Skarloey Railroad trains had appeared on their line in some first season episodes) when Skarloey went to the Skarloey Railroad Steamworks for repairs. The Polar Express arrived on Thomas's Branch Line in Episode Seventeen and much of the season was spent how Thomas's Branch Line reacted with the famous vistor, inculding encounters with Molly, James, Emily, Rusty, and Proteus. Sir Topham Hatt narrowly escaped getting on board the Polar Express's coaches in "Find Sir Topham Hatt!", while Gordon and Spencer had a race to determine who will be the fastest engine in "The Happy Duel". The Polar Express left Thomas's Branch Line during the last episode of the second season, but promised he will come back soon.

Instead of getting ready for the third season, Thomasthetrain9 asked his mother to move things to the movie room where he watched The Polar Express, the front porch, the living room or his bedroom before it actually began. He picked up his train track that was seen in the episodes "The Happy Duel" and "The Polar Express Departs" and moved it to the living room so that he can do redos. There was more space to record in the living room than in the toy room, and he needed a TV for Christmas so that he could play the movie while recording the redo. This change was marked in the difference of floor color during the fol
Percy pulling mail

The first remake, "Thomas, Percy & the Mail Train".

lowing videos. A new track was built (Thomasthetrain9's Thomas and Friends Layout (#2) and seen in his first redo of a Percy episode, "Thomas, Percy and the Mail Train". This video was his favorite video while Thomasthetrain9 was on Jackie True. After nine more remakes on small tracks homemade for each redo and a collection video too, the third season started off with the first season of Smudger, who was not seen in the first two seasons. Donald the twin engine, another train, was featured in Episode Thirty-five, "Not Donald and Douglas/Donald and Douglas", making it his first day with his twin, Douglas. "Thumper the Rock Collector", the bad episode of the series, came back with a very same plot that was originally used, and the o in the word Collector turned into an e. "Cranky Goes to School" was the first two part episode of the series. A new track was built for the episode "Diesel 10's Dilemma", while another new track was built for only one episode, "Hiro's Chinese New Year", and finally, the last track was built for only one episode, "Sick Peter Sam". Two golunda cars called Rickety and a china clay car were almost into pieces after accidents, but Sir Topham Hatt said he should keep them for good. The season concluded with Bill discovering how Arry and Bert had returned to the railroad, and Hiro crashed while pulling the Knapford Express after Proteus shunted some trucks into the dumpster.

Thomasthetrain9's 2nd movie, "Caitlin the Red Train", completly followed the third season. It was originally released as public to him as well as his fault. This was the first flim that Thomas the Train created the new recorder. The fourth season created the characters Bash, Paxton and Scruff. Arry and Bert, who was never seen in the third season, came back and some accidents happened in the episodes "The Unseen Engines" and "Gordon's Hill". Duke taught the Skarloey Railroad Trains as he made the way back in the last episode "Duke Helps Out". Two train tracks were made for the fourth season, the downstairs one was used from "All But One and But for James" to "Thomas and the Leprechaun" and was the first to put the Wellsworth Crossing and the Lumber Set. The upstairs ones was used in "Caitlin the Red Train" and from "Blue Diesel's Wild Ride" to "Duke Helps Out".

Fourteen redos followed the fourth season, inculding DVD versions like "Oliver's Find" and "Put Upon Percy". The same track was used music videos like "Percy's Seaside Trip", "Come for the Ride", "Every Day is a Special Day", and "Strength". There's haven't been a Thomas and Gordon redo, and he will upload it later.

The fifth season came starting on Easter and ending on Mother's Day. This is the only season to have an Easter and Mother's Day videos for release. Some episodes inculde "Bad Paxton", "Edward the Streong Heavy Train", "Diesel 10's Happy Day", and also "Rusty Gets Attacked". The season was over with a Mother's Day themed video. That was one part in the morning, and one part in the afternoon, and that features Patrick to the show. It was part three not to feature Mario. Rosie was new to the show, and that was the time she first appeared in the show. The Sixth Season Update that featured Connor, The Polar Express, or Caitlin to appear in the sixth season. The Polar Express was correct, and appeared in the sixth season. Remenber, Candace asked you a question, "What does your trains' names better than mine?"

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