Magic Tree House

All of the Magic Tree House Books styled up.

Magic Tree House is Thomasthetrain9's favorite book series written by Mary Pope Osborne. It is one of Thomasthetrain9's stuff, creating in 2004. The first book was Dinosaurs Before Dark.

How Magic Tree House BeganEdit

Magic Tree House was created in May 11, 2004, also Mother's Day 2014 and Spring Carnvial 2013. In late June of 2013, Thomasthetrain9 began writing books. However, he also had a Halloween costume of Jack, he didn't have it anymore.


Season 1:

Dinosaurs Before Dark

The Knight at Dawn

Mummies in the Morning

Pirates Past Noon

Night of the Ninjas

Afternoon of the Amazon

Sunset of the Sabertooth

Midnight of the Noon

Season 2:

Dolphins at Daybreak

Ghost Town at Sundown

Lions at Lunchtime

Polar Bears Past Bedtime

Vacation Under the Volcano

Day of the Dragon King

Viking Ships at Sunrise

Hour of the Olympics

Season 3:

Tonight of the Titanic

Buffalo Before Breakfast

Tigers at Twilight

Dingoes at Dinnertime

Civil War on Sunday

Revolutionary War on Wednesday

Twister on Tuesday

Earthquake in the Early Morning

Season 4:

Stage Fright on a Summer Night

Good Morning, Gorillas

Thanksgiving on Thursday

High Tide in Hawaii

Christmas in Camelot

Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve

Summer of the Sea Serpent

Winter of the Ice Wizard

Season 5:

Carnival at Candlelight

Season of the Sandstorms

Night of the New Magicans

Blizzard of the Blue Moon

Dragon of the Red Dawn

Monday with a Mad Genius

Dark Day in the Deep Sea

Eve of the Emperor Penguin

Season 6:

Moonlight on the Magic Flute

A Good Night for Ghosts

Leprechaun in Late Winter

A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time

A Crazy Day with Cobras

Dogs in the Dead of Night

Abe Lincoln At Last

A Perfect Time for Pandas

Fact Trackers:


Knights and Castles


Sea Monsters


Games and Puzzles from the Tree House

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