This is an parody of the females as my trains.


Peach as Thomas

Holley as Edward

Vanessa as Henry

Caitlin as Gordon

Candace as James

Birdo as Percy

Daisy as Toby

Toadette as Duck

Baby Peach and Baby Daisy as Donald and Douglas

Carla as Oliver (Carla and Oliver are both green)

Baljeet as Mavis

Betty Jo as Salty

Charlene as Boco

Suzy as Diesel

Annie and Clarabel as Bill and Ben

Linda as Arthur

Jenny as Murdoch

Stacy as Spencer

Isabella and Gretchen as 'Arry and Bert

Jeremy as Molly

Millie as Derek

Wendy 'O Koopa as Hiro

Sally as the Polar Express (from The Polar Express)

Mario as Emily

Candace (2nd Der.) as Diesel 10

Gordon as Caitlin

Mavis as Skarloey

Daisy (Thomas) as Rheneas

Rosalina as Sir Handel

Pauline as Peter Sam (Pauline and Peter Sam both begin with a P)

Rosie as Rusty (Rosie and Rusty both begin with a R)

Can-tok as Smudger

Candy Kong as Proteus

Madge as Duke

Bowser Jr. and Yoshi as Annie and Clarabel

Luigi as Henrietta

Caitlin's Coaches as Express Coach and Red Coaches

Red Fireballs as Emily's Coaches

Spiny Shell as Breakdown Train

Tiny Kong as Cranky

Ada, Jane and Mabel as Rickety, Fred and Scruffey

Mushroom as Milk Truck

Bullet Bill as Recycling Trucks

Triple Green Shell as Yellow Trucks

Banana as Barrel Truck

Bob-omb as Chinese Dragon

Triple Red Shell as 3 Cargo Trucks

Fake Item Box as Mail Truck

The OWCA Agents as the Road Vehicles

Perry as Bertie

Terry as Trevor

Planty as Terence

Monogram as Jack

Carl as Alfie

Newton as Byron

Manny as Max

Herman as Monty

Sergei as George

Gary as Thumper

Pinky as Caroline

Peter as Kevin

Wanda as Bulstrode

Carla (Phineas and Ferb) as Harold

Princess Balengulde as Toad

Candroid as Sir Topham Hatt


3 conductors






5 lego men


Coming soon.

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